Do you want to grow your business, increase profit, have more time & be less stressed?

Yes! Give me my FREE copy of: “Turning 12 Common Business Challenges into Profitable Opportunities”

Do you want to grow your business, increase profit, have more time & be less stressed?

Yes! Give me my FREE copy of: “Turning 12 Common Business Challenges into Profitable Opportunities”

Struggling To Get Control of Your Business?

If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably putting your heart & soul into a business you know can be hugely successful. Your business is everything to you and we know you want to make it a success, to provide you with a lifestyle you desire, a good work/life balance, generate more sales and just simply make more money.

In the beginning stages of your business things can be fun and exciting, but as your business grows, you get more customers and your workload increases, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stuck working in the day-to-day operations of your business with no time to spend working ON your business to increase profits and make your business more successful.

So what do you do when you’re ready to take it to the next level and actually stand out from the crowd and own a business that provides you with everything you want?

Grow Sales

Implement proven strategic sales & marketing strategies.

Increase Profit

Identify areas of your business to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

Get More Time

Get out of day-to-day activities & create more time for the important things.

Meet My Business Growth

“Turning business challenges into profitable opportunities”

We assist business owners all across Adelaide and South Australia to improve and grow their business, make more profit and position themselves in the business so that it can work without them, giving them the freedom of choice with their life.

Using our 16 Pillars of Business Success, we’ll show you how to grow sales, increase profit and get more time back in your day through strategic, measurable actions to get you moving now!

“Real People, Real Businesses, Real Results…”

“Our team is pleased with the decision to select this style of business growth and training.  We now have a clear strategy to ensure success”

Mark Addison has been in Business for over 10 years and is the Managing Director of two Businesses. While Mark is a confident, pro-active and innovative Business person and Leader, he knows that having a Mentor is essential for any aspiring and progressive Business Owner.

The benefits he obtains from training services include innovative business strategies, new ideas, having a sounding board, accountability, motivation and having someone to provide impartial knowledge and wisdom to take his thinking and business to the next level.

In 2015, in conjunction with My Business Growth, Mark was able to obtain considerable funds through the Federal Government’s $476 million Industry Training Fund.

The Training Program which was developed has assisted the business in its present growth phase and provided knowledge, training and improved productivity for the Directors, Managers and Team.

This training is assisting in the opening of additional Services and markets, plus the opening of new Offices in Perth WA and Melbourne Victoria.

Mark has used the services of My Business Growth and Mark Carn over a number of years including Business Growth, Strategic Planning, Team Training, Industry Training Fund grant, Executive Mentoring and the Business Leaders Alliance.

We have learned over the years that when all of the elements are working together, your business as well as your profits – can increase exponentially.

“Learn the real secrets to building a profitable business and getting back control of your time”

My Business Growth works with individuals and organisations to create profitable businesses in the shortest possible time, so that you get back the freedom to do the things that really matter.

Proven Success as a Leading Business Coach in Adelaide

‘Mark has been involved with Solaris Technology for over four years during a time of rapid growth and change within our Industry. I highly commend Mark for his knowledge, commitment, dedication, processes and results that he has assisted our Business with over this time. I would strongly recommend his services to any Organisation aspiring for peak performance and greater success.’ Dwayne Lange

Managing Director, Solaris Technology (M Power)

At a critical time of strategic change in our business, engaging Mark Carn’s services has proved invaluable. In these times especially, one requires advice, support, assistance & encouragement – Mark provided all of these needs and then some. Thank you Mark, your contribution towards our Business future success has been greatly appreciated. Eoin Loftus

Chief Executive Officer, Majestic Hotels

Since I’ve met Mark, my whole mindset towards business and life has changed dramatically. I went into my business with guns blazing and no written plan what so ever. My thought was you have to work hard in your business to get ahead. Once Mark suggested a few things I soon come to realize that you have to work hard, real hard, on yourself to work ON your business. Armando Paradiso

Owner, AP Granite / Uniq Stone

At first I was sceptical about taking on a business coach, having started my business and seen it grow into a relatively profitable organisation, I thought I knew it all. Then I signed on with Mark and reality struck, I realised that even though I had a number of basic applications covered, I was left wanting on most things. People ask if it has helped my business and I tell them that in the first year my profits were up by 48% and are heading for a further 32% as we move into the second year, so you be the judge. Phil Haddad

Managing Director, Unifresh

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