Marketing Growth Program

Marketing is a very important part of having a successful Business. Your Marketing needs to supply you with the leads (enquiries) and customers.

Learn important Marketing and Lead Generation principals, concepts, distinctions, tools and strategies. The goal is to get you more leads and convert them to customers, more transactions, more revenue and profit.


  1. Marketing Audit – A two page document/questionnaire which will reveal your present Marketing, Business/Marketing goals and provide opportunities for growth and increased profit;
  2. Marketing Your Business – A 5 part workshop style presentation recorded on video to understand Business Marketing and how to obtain mastery in the marketing aspects of your Business (see Workshops details Page 2) – includes a copy of the items covered;
  3. Marketing Offers and Call to Action – 30 minute video on Marketing Offers & Call to Action, plus over  25 real life examples;
  4. Marketing Concepts – Provision of over 20 Marketing concepts which need to be considered when undertaking Marketing;
  5. Marketing Booklet – Provision of the Booklet ‘Business Marketing Magic – 35 Marketing Tips to advance your Marketing, Generate more Leads, Grow your Business  and make more money’;
  6. E-Book – Provision of an E-Book ‘How to avoid the top 10 Marketing Mistakes’;
  7. Provision of several templates which will be used to formulate a Marketing Plan;
  8. Formulation of your Marketing Plan – A list of lead generation and marketing strategies that will fill your Marketing funnel and  bring the desired enquiries and leads for your Business;
  9. Four Coaching Sessions (by On- Line technology/telephone) –To assist you to formulate, action and execute your Marketing Program and strategies required;
  10. Business Marketing book Review  ‘Instant Cash Flow’ which helps business owners maximize Business profits through smart and proven business & marketing strategies.